Saints Preserve Us from Republicans

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I offer this image for free to any and all anti-fascist and anti-Republican activists who may find a use for it. It’s licensed under Creative Commons as an “attribution” license. All you have to do to use the picture any way you want, including selling it as a t-shirt or whatever, is to give me credit for having created it.

At full size, it’s 24 x 25 inches at 150 pixels per inch resolution. It’s a JPEG (.jpg), profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1 (8bpc), and “weighs” 4.69 MG.

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Trump's Predecessors

These four men have gradually torn away pieces of our democracy until it’s as tattered as the flag behind them.
  • Nixon: purveyor of hypocrisy, hater of dissent
  • Reagan: charming, affable enabler of economic disaster
  • Bush: puppet and useful idiot
  • Trump: the Alpha and Omega of chaos, misrule, and decay
Trump, the spirtual and political heir of Nixon, Reagan, and Bush, is the inevitable end product of the combination, over decades, of the rich buying government, the media dumbing down the public, and the superstitions of the lunatic fringe of religion. His is the face of fascism unmasked, nakedly ruthless and power hungry.

About the Imagery

The white (dirty white, on purpose) lines, cords, and axeheads are a historical reminder of where the term fascism comes from: the bundles of birch or elm rods and axes carried by the lictors of ancient Rome. The lictors went around with magistrates to tie up criminals before they were punished, and then inflicted whatever punishment was ordered.

These men, encased in a symbol of tyranny, represent my deepest fears and loathing. I named the picture “Saints Preserve Us” for both frivolous and serious reasons. My alter ego of vaudeville Irishwoman likes the sarcasm of it; my main consciousness, as a deeply troubled and saddened American, uses the term ironically to express my despair. It seems like all the institutions we used to trust have failed us, so maybe we need to beg for divine intervention.